Pole reversal?

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According to MNN, the magnetic north pole shifted 40 miles last year, signaling that we might be in the midst of a complete pole reversal.


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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Only a few migratory animals, mostly birds have the ability to sense magnetic fields. There are other reasons that some animals seem to be able to predict earthquakes in some instances.

    Often, before major earthquakes, there are a series of micro tremor that are the result of fissure formation deep underground. These microquakes produce ar accompanied by vibrations in what some call subsonic frequencies. Subsonic vibrations can resonate with the semicircular canals in the ears of some individual people and animals, resulting in dizzyness, and passing nausea. Some people may feel vibrations.

    People most often assume thes microtremors are the result of vehicles or machinery.Animals react differently.Wild animals are usually very aware of their environment. Ground vibrations may be intrepreted as a threat, and since these vibrations are directional, animals react by fleeing the location. Others may join in due to the herd dynamics.

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