You pay more taxes than many large corporations combined

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Check out this quote and this link to ThinkProgress:

“I have one dollar in my wallet. That’s more than the combined income tax liability of GE, ExxonMobil, Citibank, and the Bank of America. That means somebody is gaming the system.”



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  1. rosa says:

    nothing causes resentment like the misunderstanding of income taxes. from my understanding (and what I read in irs which seems ambiguous at best) income is profit from corporate activity. no profit no income and thus no income tax. the irs considers what you make earning a living in a non corp capacity 100 percent profit. I don't know where they ever got the idea that your trade with a company was not equal for equal. no profit there. unless, unless you filled out a w-2 or w_4 can't remember which and declared yourself a federal citizen (employee in irs code)and declared it income?

    if you read the irs code you will find out that if you have a ss number your considered a federal employee. (where is my federal paycheck then?) anyway when you work at a job the feds are basically a third party in the deal. seems to me we are working for the feds for free then because I have never received any paychecks from them have you? lack of equal consideration nulls any contract doesn't it? lack of full disclosure? makes it null.

    george gordon who runs a law school, not sure if he is credible, but alot of what he says makes a heck of whole lot more sense then the irs code did. he says you dont want to pay income tax don't have income.

    get rid of your ss number and apply for jobs without it. I read the social security gov site it does say you do not need a ss number to get a job, just take a copy of that statement when you apply for a job. you ss is your tax id number.give to your present boss and see if you can stop having to fill our w-2 forms.

    I am not sure if george is right, but I have heard that some companies are not asking for ss numbers and are still allowed to conduct business, like taco bells in some areas. in the irs code employee is federal employee, us citizen, federal employee if you ever get a hold of title 26 check out the defintions of words you and I take for granted we thought meant the same thing but didn't.

    I say if corporatons can avoid income and avoid the tax then go for it, just don't expect any subsidizes or benefits from the people of usa or handouts. your on your own.

    trouble is the american people are targetted specifically for income taxatin through deception and courts refusal to give remedy. most of the time courts lack subject matter jurisdiction since it is a maritime courts system we have and you need a bona fide contract for them to proceed, alot of people don'tknow that, I just found out myself. I am not a lawyer just learning this stuff little by little. but being very careful tho. anyone can print anything on the net.

    good to know.

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