PayPal freezes account of Bradley Manning legal defense fund

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Since when is it against the law to help anyone–ANYONE–afford their legal bills? Well, PayPal has decided that it has an “internal policy” that justifies shutting down the account of a group that is attempting to help Bradley Manning pay his legal bills. This shutdown is despicable.   With this logic, we should also shut down all public defender offices and thus require all poor people accused of crimes to fend for themselves. If you would like to write to PayPal to express your opinion on this matter, follow this link provided by Firedoglake.

Here’s FDL’s suggested template:

According to the Bradley Manning Support Network, PayPal has frozen the account of the group that supports Pfc. Bradley Manning’s legal defense.

Citizens around the world have donated to the Bradley Manning Support Network to fund the legal defense of Pfc. Manning. This grassroots activism is now hindered because of a political policy decision by PayPal to block these funds.

The Bradley Manning Support Network has not been accused of any impropriety. Your company has essentially admitted that there is no legal reason to shut down account access, and that it is simply an internal policy decision. Additionally, the organization has complied with every reasonable demand from PayPal to restore access to its account – short of the extraordinary and unnecessary step of providing PayPal direct access to its checking account.

PayPal should drop its unreasonable demands of the Bradley Manning Support Network and restore access to the group’s PayPal account.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    PayPal has now reconsidered, in light of thousands of people expressing their disapproval.

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