Republicans Poised to Reap Huge Gains Because of Illegal Aliens Counted in the 2010 Census

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In one of the most ironic twists of the political fates of the Century, the Republican Party stands to gain additional seats in the U.S. House of Representatives because the law apparently requires the Census Bureau to count illegal aliens.  Those numbers are to be included in the final count which determines the allocation of the nation’s 435 US House of Representatives seats in the U.S. Congress, the allocation of Electors to the Electoral College and the allocation of federal tax dollars to the various states.

The 435 U.S. House of Representatives districts will all be re-drawn in the next year or so as a result of the 2010 census results. Texas and Florida will gain four new seats, Arizona two. New York and Pennsylvania will be the big losers. Missouri will lose one seat. The new lines and districts will remain in place until the next decennial census in 2020.

The recently completed Census data includes the numbers of illegal aliens in US, estimated at 10.8 million, down by over a million since the Bush administration left office. The average population of US House districts is around 700,000. You are invited to do the math if you have any doubts.

States with largest numbers of illegal aliens have shown the largest growth in population and will get larger numbers of US House seats, including Texas, Arizona and Florida. States will get a “packet” from Census which lets them redistrict without considering where the illegal aliens are located within the state, but these illegal aliens are still counted. Republicans control the state houses in the states which have the largest numbers of illegal aliens and Republicans will get the most benefit from the census which includes the illegal aliens in the states’ populations for purposes of redistricting. As a result of the 2010 elections, Republican controlled legislatures and governors will control the drawing of 190 US House districts, while Democrats will control only 40.

Republicans around the country demonized illegal immigrants in the 2010 mid-term elections.  Republicans also seek to remove citizenship from the future children of illegal aliens who currently are US citizens.

It is the ultimate political irony that The Republican party will reap huge new numbers in the Congress because those same illegal aliens they demonize have been counted in the Census for purposes of redistricting, even though they cannot vote.

I am a native born citizen of the United States and a Missouri registered voter. Missouri is about to lose one member of the US House and one Elector to the Electoral College because of the inclusion of the numbers of illegal aliens in the 2010 Census count. One of our members of Congress and one of our Electors will go to another state which has large numbers of illegal aliens in its 2010 Census count.  The likely loser will be 3rd District Rep. Russ Carnahan who would then be forced to run against another Democrat. Federal tax dollars that would have come to Missouri will instead go to states where there are large populations of illegal aliens, all because of the 2010 Census count.

It is my opinion that this situation constitutes a violation of the rights of many Americans to equal protection under the laws and our privileges and immunities under the law.


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