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My wife asks my son Ben, “What’s going on in your head all the time when you are so quiet?”

My son says; “It’s pretty much Star Wars all the time, Mom!”

I’m watching a TV show about cosmology, including the possibility of multiple universes.

My son has sneaked to the couch across the room and pipes up;

“Dad, does that mean that there REALLY could be a Star Wars universe?” he asks.

I ask, “What did you just hear about the possibility of multiple universes?”

“That there could be more than one universe,” he says.


“Cool!” he says. “There really COULD be a Star Wars universe!” I immediately chased Ben off to bed.

Now and again I hear Ben say, “That defies the laws of physics, except in a Star Wars or other universe!”


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imothy E. Hogan is a trial attorney, a husband, a father of two awesome children and a practicing Roman Catholic in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Hogan has done legal and political work in Jefferson City, Missouri for partisan and non-partisan social change, environmental and consumer protection groups. Mr. Hogan has also worked for consumer advocate Ralph Nader in Washington, DC and the members of the trial bar in the State of New York. Mr. Hogan’s current interests involve remaining a full time solo practitioner pioneer on the frontiers of justice in America, a good husband and a good father to his awesome children.

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  1. His middle name isn't "Kenobi", is it?

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Nah, "Lee" after my wife's grandfather on her mom's side. But, he wields a wicked light saber! Ben 2,322; Daddy-0. Little boy rules are rough on daddies!

  3. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    "The Number of the Beast", one of Robert Heinlein's later novels, featured a time machine, in addition to traveling foward and backward in time, also had the ability to travel "sideways" to alternate time lines. The time machine also had the ability to travel "vertically" in time, which put the travelers in alternate realities that were based on the imaginary worlds created by great fiction writers.

    Heinlein called the concept "multi-theistic pan-dimensional solipsism".

  4. Tim Hogan says:

    Niklaus, now we call it "string theory!"

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