Science experiments with Theo Gray

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Theo Gray is a columnist at Popular Science (a magazine I loved to read as a child). This website features a collection of experiments that you “can do at home, but probably shouldn’t.”


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    I just KNOW that Dan Klarman will have some comments on these experiements. He probably actually does these sorts of things at home.

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    I already posted about the time I went to go meet the man because of this post: MrTitanium with a Lead Pipe on the Patio in this post: Gray Matter at Wolfram Research

    I had determined at the time to make my own Homemade Titanium, as he did, and even obtained some of the harder to get ingredients for the thermite reaction. But I got distracted.

    I first found Theo online via his Periodic Table Table that is now in his office at Wolfram Research.

  3. Dan Klarmann says:

    I am currently reading Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood by Oliver Sacks. In it he reminisces about the chemistry experiments he did as a young boy, using then-over-the-counter ingredients that are now hard to even get permission to obtain, like phosphorous, mercury, tellurium, uranium, and so on.

    Sure, Sacks smoked the family out of the house a time or two. But his parents were quite forgiving, in the name of scientific curiosity.

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