Pedal powered snow plow

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If you are a bicyclist who wants to clear snow. This is for you.

The are other, less impressive versions too. And see here.



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  1. rosa says:

    that looks like fun, by the way you still breath out co2, more if your exercising and you naturally will eat more food which takes energy to produce and transport to markets, if you do alot of this. oh well, at least you get good exercise and fresh air.

    co2 is after all a food for plants who produce oxygen as a by product. so I dont not consider it a pollutant, not by a long shot, maybe sulfer emissions might be, but lets face it every living thing produces pollutants, pee poop gas, natural litter that uses up energy to break down, plants that grow using up energy producing by products. pollution is a fact of all living things, the earth is quite capable of handling it.

    of course I do not refer to the tons of garbage that the military industrial complexes dump into the oceans. or cruise ships dump (saw a picture of a third world beach littered with plasti everything. dumped from cruise ships, appauling) don't see anyone crying the blues on the news about all of this do you?

    while we focus on non problems, the real enviomental issues are ignored or unknown to many.

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