A program that knows your secret number

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It’s late, and maybe I’m missing something, but this program keeps guessing my number yet I can’t figure out how it works. Maybe it’s magic.


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  1. Ben says:


    Answer immediately…don't think…just say the first thing that comes into your mind.

    Do not go to the next calculation till you finished the previous one.

    You do not need to write down or remember the answers. Just do it in your mind.

    Ready?……. Start……How much is

    15 + 6


    89 + 2

    12 + 53

    75 + 26

    25 + 52

    63 + 32

    I know…I promised you little math in this course but hang in…..its almost over

    123 + 5





    You thought about a Red Hammer, didnt you.

    If you did not…….then you are amongst the 2% that should probably see a shrink


  2. Jim Razinha says:

    The matrix and the houses determine the number – the colors and crystal ball and saying the number are decoys. The houses also have an extra number that was not in the 5×5 matrix, and the shockwave program will always put the "guessed" number behind the first door.

    There are five sets of five numbers, each with a different color. One of each set is placed in the five different houses, along with that extra number (and the colors are changed). The intersection of the two choices can only be one number.

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