7 billion reasons to consider 7 billion

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In the three minutes it takes to view this excellent National Geographic video on the rapidly increasing numbers of people, earth’s population will increase by 170 people.  That explosive growth has real life ramifications that will affect our quality of life:

I applaud the willingness of National Geographic to discuss this critically important issue.   Many people and organizations shy away from the topic of the earth’s carrying capacity.

Another organization dedicated to making sure that we don’t shy away from the topic is Global Population Speak Out (GPSO). Here is GPSO mission statement:

The Population Institute, based in Washington DC, is seeking prominent scientists, scholars, and other concerned citizens to participate in this international program of action. The mission is to raise awareness in the global community about the current size and growth of the human population on Earth — and to highlight the challenges this size and growth present as we attempt to achieve planet-scale ecological sustainability.

I am proud to say that I am Pledger #36.


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