A Refreshing Retelling of a Classic Tale

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As a story is passed along, it evolves. With the advent of writing, the rate of change slowed, but still continues. I was reminded of this by a delightful retelling in modern form of a story traditionally told in staid structure. Here is a chuckle-worthy modern take on the arrival of Jesus.

As always, this vernal event is traditionally pasted over the older pagan winter solstice Yule festival. This retelling in modern paradigm also embraces the evolution of the Bedouin shepherds to Zoroastrian wise men to Kings, and somehow skipping l33tspeak but keeping the Renaissance  garb. This tale is usually full of anachronisms and inconsistencies.

But it still makes a good yarn.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Lots of merriment in the re-telling of this tall tale.

    BTW, I never could figure out how to follow a star to a SPECIFIC house, much less a particular planet. Truly, how would you react if you asked for directions to the Holiday Inn and someone responded by saying "Just follow that star and you're there"?

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