Post cards from Mars

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At Huffpo, Jim Bell, a professor of astronomy at Cornell, has offered a collection of Martian landscapes. Consider this amazing fact: “NASA’s amazing Spirit and Opportunity rovers have survived (and generally thrived) on Mars for more than 25 times their expected lifetimes.”

Postcards from Mars is a partly scientific, partly artistic, partly abstract, partly realistic photographic story about what has been a very human exploration adventure on another world-just experienced remotely through robotic eyes.

I have two poster-sized photos of Mars, similar to several of these photos, hanging in my law office. I often admire the technology that enabled humans to land robots on Mars and to take such beautiful photos. Had I been living 100 years ago, these photos would have been inconceivable and priceless. That’s pretty much has I still think of them, even though they are now easily available on the Internet.



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