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A letter I received from Free Press a couple weeks ago lays out some very disturbing things that are happening because of government policies are failing and our public officials are timid. They would rather let corporations put their profits ahead of the public interest. Here are a few of the examples laid out in the letter I received:

The Federal Communications Commission currently does not have the power to protect Internet users or make rules for the communications networks of the 21st-century. It is unwilling to reassert its authority to do so.

Google and Verizon have made a pact that could end net neutrality, and with it, the Internet as we know it. But the FCC chairman hasn’t said a word against-or taken action that could stop– this dangerous deal.

The Comcast-NBC Universal merger threatens to create one of the largest media empires ever, with vast control over content and distribution. Yet government agencies appear poised to rubberstamp the deal.

Free Press indicates that net neutrality is the biggest battle we are facing right now in media reform:

Nowhere are the stakes higher than in the fight to secure the open Internet. The largest phone, cable and Internet companies are funneling millions of dollars a day to politicians and into a massive lobbying campaign to win policies that will turn the Internet into their own private highway.

The letter is a request for contributions to allow Free Press to continue fighting these battles. I would highly recommend anyone who is concerned to visit the Free Press site and consider contributing.


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