Tea Party: Emerging Force, or Farce?

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I stumbled onto this new book, Underdogma. Reviewers say

“Underdogma is the first great Tea Party book. All Tea Party Patriots should read Underdogma.”


“Underdogma is the Rosetta Stone for our time’s most portentous puzzle: Why do so many in this country — including some in leadership positions — abhor our national greatness and seek to diminish it at every turn?”

The premise is basically that America is doomed by naysayers, and the roots go back the the Garden of Eden. As long as those wacko liberals insist on not-bullying the rest of the world, and allowing the have-nots to have a say in policy, we are doomed.

So I wonder if this is truly the way those people think, or is this a political version of Poe’s Law? Will they soon declare a political party of tea? Or will they simply continue to subvert conservatism with this toxic pablum, as they did in the recent election?


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Dan: Thank you for introducing me to Poe's Law.

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