Good questions for Bank of America

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Dan Froomkin summarizes the antics of Bank of America.  William K. Black has a lot of unanswered questions for Bank of America.

Black, writing alone, also corrected President Obama’s assertion during his interview with Jon Stewart, that chief economic adviser Larry Summers had done a “heckuva job.” Summers did not resolve the financial crisis, Black wrote, he just papered over the problem. In another solo effort, Black warned that papering over the problem will actually increase the total cost of the crisis in the long run, and he concluded that “the administration’s banking policies have attained the terrible trifecta: terrible economics, terrible ethics, and terrible politics.”



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  1. I had my home financed with Bank of America. I sent extra payments to be applied to principle (trying to pay off home early) No matter how I labeled payment slip, wrote on checks, and made several phone calls. It was posted incorrectly over and over. It took a lot of my time to get corrections each month. Corrections were then posted to account sometimes with a 2 week delay. I have sent complaints, but have had no resolutions. I spoke with Tiffany Stephenson Operations Consultant Office of the CEO and President Executive Customer Relations. I sent information she ask for, but instead of getting a resolution. My emails are now returned as undeliverable and phone calls are not returned. So just becareful and watch your account closely if you choose to use this bank. I learned the hard way. They are not interested in customer only the dollars.?

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