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Pressure, Temperature, Volume!

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Pressure, Temperature, Volume!

Warning – Science Geekery ahead!

Am I the only person in the world who gets that we can control for Boyle’s Law?

While reading a (Science Fiction) book, by a very respected author*, I encountered a scene where a character brews some coffee. Yum! I love coffee! But my delightful anticipation was immediately spoiled by the character’s complaints about how the low ambient pressure makes for lukewarm coffee!


Have people never heard of these amazing newfangled devices called pressure cookers? Heck, Europeans have had little stovetop espresso makers for many many years, that are essentially little one-shot pressure cookers! With the correct setup such equipment can produce strong, hot coffee regardless of the ambient pressure!

Whenever I come across such obvious stupidity it kills the story for me.

Get the little details right, people! Let me enjoy my stories and enjoy my coffee (regardless of ambient)!

* in defense of the Author, he is an older American, so can be excused for not really understanding the difference between coffee and the pale brown caffeinated beverage that shares that name in the States.


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