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Mind your expressions of dissent

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Mind your expressions of dissent

Popular social news site Reddit provides a dramatic example of how innocent and ordinary conversations are enough to trigger terrorism investigations in our modern America.

Reddit allows anyone with a free account to post items of interest, and the discussion generated by postings provides much of the site’s appeal. About three months ago, a user named JayClay posted the following query in regards to the TSA’s security screening procedures at airports:

“So if my deodorant could be a bomb, why are you just chucking it in the bin?

And if it’s just harmless deodorant, why are you taking it from me?!

But no. I did not say this aloud. Like everyone else, I didnt want to say or do anything that would jeopardize making my flight. So I just turned around and walked towards the room after security.

Where they just happened to sell deodorant.

The thread on Reddit has generated 1,563 comments as of now, mostly critical of the security theater that is the TSA.

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