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A failure of faith?

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A failure of faith?

We buried my best friend yesterday.

I had known Joe since first grade. He was a believer. I am not. We’ve had many lively debates over the years and our differences of opinion never affected our friendship.

Joe died from neglect. He neglected his own health in favor of taking care of his family which consisted of an aging father, a somewhat schizophrenic brother and his ten year old niece who he had adopted after his sister died of cancer while the child’s father was in prison.

Six years ago I warned Joe, who was overweight, that in order to take care of his family he must first take care of himself. He needed to start to eat right and exercise. I did this for selfish reasons, I told him. I didn’t want to lose my best friend.

Selfless as he was, he didn’t take my advice. A few years later he developed diabetes and eventually lost a leg.

This was his wake-up call, he told me. Everything is going to change, he said, for the sake of the people that were in his care, especially the little girl with no mother.

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