The real life differences between Christians and non-Christians

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Other than attendance at church, how can one tell whether someone is a Christian?  In this L.A. Times article, William Lobdell argues that Christian rhetoric often doesn’t match up with the actions of those who claim to be Christians.

But judging by the behavior of most Christians, they’ve become secularists. And the sea of hypocrisy between Christian beliefs and actions is driving Americans away from the institutional church in record numbers.


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  1. Tige Gibson says:

    Accelerating hypocrisy is a consequence of suppression of self-awareness of hypocrisy. Those who remain committed to the church at all costs can best be described as singularly hypocritical in every significant aspect of their lives. Fox News and Talk Radio provide their internal monologue because their own thoughts trigger cognitive dissonance.

    • Joe Franzese says:

      The Church really has no say at all in what people do. Join one that suits your beliefs.If you want change in the church join it and start change from within it.To easy- so many are now monday morning Quaterbacks. Come to think of it football outdraws church now.

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