Fair Elections Act gets a push

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This push to fair elections should be the only issue, until it is passed. We can’t even have political conversations anymore, certainly not in Congress, and the dysfunction is largely driven by huge sums of private money from large organizations that are corrupting our law-makers. Thus, it was good news to hear of a new push to campaign finance reform:

In a push to implement a publicly-financed election system and curb moneyed interests in politics, a pair of good-government groups is launching a television ad campaign with a noteworthy price tag. Common Cause and Public Campaign, two organizations known for exposing the murkier influences on legislative and electoral processes, are staking $8 million to try and burnish Congress with the willpower to pass the Fair Elections Now Act. And they’re willing to spend as much as $15 million on their campaign-season gambit.

What is the essence of meaningful campaign finance reform? Bill Moyers explains:

Dick Durbin gives the insider’s point of view.



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