Jury Duty Again

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Every other year, I pull jury duty. I received my latest summons with some chagrin, as it seems like I just had it. So sure was I that I had served in 2009 that I checked the box on the survey form that says I’ve just done the duty within the last 24 months. So I thought I might be excused.

But to do this post, I checked my records. It has already been 30 months since I last spent half a week sitting in the courthouse deciding someones fate for up to $1.50/hr. Oops. They’ll probably check and I’ll make those big bucks yet again this July.

I’ve sat on several juries, and been foreman a couple of times. Civil lawyers don’t like me. I get bumped from all lawsuits involving measurable things, like product liability cases. But criminal attorneys don’t seem to mind my rational bent.

I may have to try harder.  Murder trials are very stressful. Maybe an Atheist shirt or button would help. Atheists are among the most distrusted demographics in this nation. Sex offenders get more respect.

How do I feel about this regular duty? Consider my official number:

jury summons


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    Today, 604 days or 1.65 years since this half week that I spent on Jury Duty, I got another summons. Clearly the ratio of cases to jurors in my city is way out of hand!

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