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I’m creating a new post category called “heroes” in honor of high school student Keith Wagner, who obviously did some homework before handing this lying sack-of-shit politician his own head on a platter. This is unbelievable poise for a high school student. And then the politician, State Senator John Huppenthal of Arizona blessed the interview with a magnificent denouement: his unexplained absence. Or perhaps he had to leave because he was in the middle of a unanticipated panic-inspired bowel movement. I can only hope that mainstream journalists will note the successful formula used by Keith Wagner: Do your homework, go set up the interview, then don’t let up.

For full enjoyment, take a look at the comments regarding this video at Huffpo.


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  1. Arrogant fuck. But they always underestimate people, especially "children" who aren't supposed to have such intelligence (or confidence). And it always stuns them that the information is really available to anyone who looks.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Mark: I knew you'd like it. It reminds me of a story I heard about a teenaged Mark Tiedemann who confronted a corrupt adult at his high school.

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