Got 3 Parking Tickets, None Valid

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On the heels of Tim’s Messing with the stoplight thieves, we just received 3 completely contestable parking tickets in one swell foop. Parking officers are local Treasury Agents, not police. Our story is as follows:

parking ticketsWife finally picks up the car that I just received from my parent’s estate. I got the title last week, and insured it yesterday so we could drive it home, get it inspected and licensed. The executor had let the plates expire, and neither he nor we thought to remove them. So she drove it homewards, stopping at a friend’s house for a visit. She’d parallel parked in the rain between two other cars on the quiet residential block. When she came out, there were 3 tickets. One for expired plates. One for expired inspection. And a third for parking in a handicapped zone.

Handicapped zone? Then she saw the tiny little blue signs on posts around the car behind her. The trunk of our car apparently occupied the front 2 of the 22 feet they reserve for those private parking zones. The car behind ours, the one actually in the handicapped spot, had plenty of room both in front and in back. She hadn’t seen the sign in her blind spot as she parked, but I guess ignorance is no excuse.

I do wonder whether the person who got the city to carve out a private parking spot on the public street still needed it. When my brother broke his leg, he applied for a handicapped hanger. By the time it arrived, his cast was off. But at least the hangers have expiration dates requiring renewal and proof of need. The private parking spot has no expiration. Gaah!The need might well have expired ten years ago. We don’t know. But such is the law .

The other two tickets, basically both for not having current inspection or plates, can be fought on the grounds that we hadn’t had time to get them. There is a grace period when one buys a car.


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    Sorry for the confusion, but I was posting Tim Hogan's post for him and forgot to change names to Tim Hogan (it showed up as me by default). Therefore, the post that Dan is referring to is Tim's.

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