How to Keep Up with the Denialists

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Pharyngula linked over to this YouTube channel dedicated to debunking each piece of Climate Denialism as it comes up. Here’s a sample:


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Why would climate deniers claim that they understand climate science any more than they claim to understand any other sophisticated science without actually doing the hard work?

    The problem facing the public should be the same one faced by courtroom judges who need to separate junk science from real science. How does a non-scientist make this distinction? By weeding out the "experts" who express scientific theories and explanations that are never heard outside of courtrooms. The "Daubert" test asks judges to serve as gatekeeper, despite their lack of personal expertise, to make sure that only legitimate science sees the light of day in courtrooms. Here are the relevant factors:

    * Does the method involve empirical testing (is the theory or technique falsifiable, refutable, and testable)?

    * Has the method been subjected to peer review and publication?

    * Do we know the error rate of the method and the existence and maintenance of standards concerning its operation?

    * Is the theory and technique generally accepted by a relevant scientific community?

    This approach has worked well in the courtroom for many years. To puncture the bubble of climate warming denialists, simply ask them to use their own "research methods" to produce some research of their own demonstrating anything at all. Show us that you are competent scientists by predicting or explaining a complex phenomenon with rigor. Show us that you are fully engaged with modern scientific thinking rather than cherry-picking out of popular publications.

  2. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. Climate deniers do what they do because accepting the science is frightening and means a way of life might have to end. Basic human nature. Deny until the last possible moment so the party doesn't end. They're very, very frightened.

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