We’ve heard the benediction, now let’s begin the processional

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If the young woman giving this benediction is even half accurate, she must be about to graduate from one hell of an immoral, devil-cursed, remorseless, irredeemably-corrupted university. It sounds like it’s so bad down there that God should send another big flood to clean the place out.

The Youtube description says that it’s a public university in Texas. If true, I’d like to see the kinds of benedictions they give at religious universities in Texas.


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  1. Pathetic. But then I thought Beatlemania was absurd, too (at the time and in retrospect).

    Kudos to the adults on the podium for handling that about as well as anyone could. But one must ask—didn't someone tell anyone that this girl was wacko for christ?

  2. Alison says:

    I saw this, and all I could think was that this girl was most likely one of the top ranking scholars at that school. That's a pretty scary thought.

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