Tea Party: A House Divided

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Yes, friends, the Tea Party is split down the middle. On one side, Ron Paul and his anti-government clique. On the other, Sarah Palin and her theocracy coven.

What of the Christian Nation side? Here’s an analysis:


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  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, ironically, had ideas about the direction of the country that ran counter to the way it was set up and both seemed to have had embryonic plans to raise armies to march on the government and overthrow it so the United States could be done right. This is nothing new.

    However…I doubt intellectually Sarah Palin would last 30 seconds in debate with either Hamilton or Burr and I'm not so sure Ron Paul would do very well , either. This is wishful thinking as policy proposal.

  2. Bob D says:

    Interesting that Ron Paul is ahead of Sarah 53% to 47% and yet 90% of what you hear and see on TV is about Sarah. I wonder whose side the media is on! And its not not only Fox news.

  3. They are the side of ratings. Ron Paul just isn't sexy.

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