A teenaged girl visits Gaza

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Najla Said gives a dramatic reading of one section of her play entitled “Palestine,” describing how her life was changed after visiting Gaza as a teenaged girl, along with her father, the late Edward Said, who was a Palestinian activist.


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  1. Lana says:

    Heart and Gut wrenching-it makes us think again when we turn the channel on something happening in Gaza. How much do we need to see and hear before we stop this human catastrophe. The late great Edward Said's legacy lives on in his daughter.

    We need to help these poor Palestinians-whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc.-The late great Edward Said has left the rest of the world his daughter to speak truth.

    Maybe we will think twice when we turn the channel on the happenings in Gaza. When will Palestinians be able to live like humans? When will they be able to drink water? When will they be able to go to a hospital? When will they be able to breathe fresh air? All these questions, I am afraid will be answered when it is too late…

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