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This is a link to my own website.  The post concerns the career of a writer of my acquaintance—me.  I’m taking a moment and perhaps a few liberties to do a little personal business here on DI and I hope you all forgive the (somewhat) commercial intrusion.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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Mark is a writer and musician living in the St. Louis area. He hit puberty at the peak of the Sixties and came of age just as it was all coming to a close with the end of the Vietnam War. He was annoyed when bellbottoms went out of style, but he got over it.

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  1. Ben says:

    Jason Rayl was more mysterious sounding. Perhaps change the Jason to something like Joachim or Joaquin. Joaquin Rayl.

    Then there is Kindle, got to somehow get involved there, perhaps submit a free chapter to Amazon. Also, how does one purchase (paypal etc) books from your website or do I just go to amazon and search for rayl/tiedemann ?

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    I read everything you write at DI! I see that are ten of your books in print at Amazon. Most impressive.

  3. Erich,

    Actually, there are ten books available at Amazon (and other places) but only two of them are still "in print"—meaning that they have a publisher still offering them. REMAINS and OF STARS AND SHADOWS…direct purchases from the publishers (BenBella and Yard Dog Press respectively) would be preferable to buying through Amazon, which takes 55% right off the top.

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