Fluid space

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Here you’ll see and hear a beautiful Hawaiian evening sky to go with beautiful music. Such a spectacular way end a long day!  Strongly consider watching this short video in HD:

The vivid fluidity of the star-filled sky in this video is something I’d never before viewed. There is an ocean of stars up there, including the vast edge of the Milky Way galaxy itself. Watching the “movement” of those stars allowed me to feel, like never before, that our own orb is moving through space. I’ve long known, intellectually, that the Earth is spinning and rotating through space, but this time-lapse video really brings that point home. We are moving too, in a dramatic way, every second of every day. We aren’t the stable platform from which one can objectively view the rest of existence. This video seemingly pushed me to an Archimedean point.



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  1. Ebonmuse says:

    How utterly beautiful. And to think – we are all stardust, we come from those stars, and one day we'll go back to them…

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Ebonmuse: I must have watched it at least eight times already. These scenes are both beautiful and awe-inspiring in the sense you described.

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