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Free Press has had another good idea. This one is called “MediaFail.” The project is just now launching. What is Media Fail?

MediaFAIL is a user-powered project of Free Press that exposes the worst in American media. Just find a link, post it, fail it, and share it with friends. The top-rated submissions will migrate to the site’s front page for all the world to see.

Image by smifteen at Dreamstime (with permission)

Image by smifteen at Dreamstime (with permission)

We don’t just want to give the media a failing grade — we want it to pass. That’s why we’re featuring links to actions on important Free Press campaigns, so that you can help build a better media system.

Here’s a sample post to the new site, regarding an article irresponsibly published by ComputerWorld:

Article on the Broadband Plan written entirely from the opinions of two professional telecom analysts-for-hire, declaring the broadband plan “impossibly broad” although no portions of the plan are yet publicly available for “analysts” to inspect.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to be media watchdogs, and to strike back at the the constant flow of trite garbage, the drummed up conflict and the dishonest and lazy announcements that all purport to be “news.”


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