If Michael Moore ran for President

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At Truthout, Robert Naiman asks and answers what would happen if Michael Moore ran for President in 2012:

If Michael Moore were to run for president in 2012, it could be a game changer in American political life. For starters, it would likely shorten the war in Afghanistan by at least six months, and the American and Afghan lives that would be saved would alone justify the effort. If Moore announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination now, and followed up that announcement with a vigorous campaign focused on the struggles of rank-and-file Democrats, it would remobilize rank-and-file Democratic activists. It’s possible that he might even win; but win or lose, the campaign could arrest and reverse the current rightward, pro-corporate trajectory of our national politics, which is the predictable consequence of the failure of Team Obama to deliver on its promises from 2008, which in turn was the predictable consequence of the doomed effort to try to serve two masters: Wall Street and Main Street.


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  1. Larro says:

    Michael Moore or no, we don't have a party problem so much as a separation of powers problem.

    The executive branch has overreached it's authority since after WWII and it needs to come to an end.

    We humans still can't seem to shake our need for kings.

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