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Hypocrisy on parade

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Hypocrisy on parade

Perhaps you’ve heard about the American hikers being held in an Iranian prison? A couple of Belgian bicyclists who were detained at the same prison have some updates on their situation:

“We’re deeply concerned for their well-being,” Van den Bosch and Falleur wrote in a news release. “The psychological stresses of detention were very great, especially during interrogation and solitary confinement.”

As of early December, when Van den Bosch and Falleur were released, the American hikers were being held in solitary confinement, a harrowing experience the Belgian men describe in detail.

“We were in cells with no outside contact and a ceiling light on day and night,” they wrote. “No communication was possible with other prisoners or with our families. Everything was designed to make us feel very lonely.”

Van den Bosch and Falleur added, “From our own experience, we can only imagine that the psychological pressure put on the hikers to confess to crimes they are innocent of is extremely intense. Their feeling of loneliness must be extreme.”

Yes, no doubt the psychological pressures one must face in those sorts of situations must be intense. Not as intense as the pressures innocent Muslims face in America’s torture prisons and secret black-ops sites, but extreme in any case!


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