FOX News’ Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: Become a Christian

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Brit Hume, managing editor at FOX news suggested on the air that Tiger Woods should become a Christian, indicating that Christianity is superior to the Buddhism practiced by Woods.

Sure enough, but when famous Christians like these get involved in well-publicized scandals, perhaps they ought to become Buddhists.


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  1. John says:

    While Brit hume's advocation for Christianity is not good reporting, his plug for it is not wrong in any sense. Christians believe that their "religion", as it is more a reltionship that religion, is the one true religion, and therefore all others are not as good as they are false. So Brit Hume's suggestion is not out of line nor a wrong representation of Christianity. It is an accurate show of how Christians believe that they are correct about the afterlife, and therefore all other religions are false and should be taught against.

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