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Stephen Colbert recently interviewed Andy Schlafly, founder of Conservapedia. Learn how Jesus was a big free-market advocate:

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Andy Schlafly
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What’s really amazing is that Schlafly doesn’t seem to realize that he has just been publicly crowned as a huge fool by Colbert. Schlafly lives in a tiny world where it doesn’t bother him to portray his site as a “Wiki” even though it is heavily censored, as shown by his refusal to answer Colbert’s serious line of questions.


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  1. Jay Fraz says:

    Oh man. Oh mannnn.

    Schafly scares me.

    Seriously, it is amazing how distorted one's view can be. It borders on mentally illness in my opinion.

  2. Jonathan says:

    He scares me so much. He wants us to go back to the Dark Ages.

  3. a says:

    We checked Conservapedia after watching this, and there are still a few references floating around on the Pacific Northwest Tree Squid and its various iterations. The fact that a reference to a tree-dwelling sea creature continues to make it past the site's fact-checkers gives you a picture of how reliable it is as a source of reality based information.

  4. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    I thought Conservapedia was supposed to be a satirical version of wikipedia, that too many right wingers took serious.

  5. Anony Mouse says:

    Shafly is misguided and overly religious, but (seemingly) intelligent, man. I mean.. he did go to harvard. @_@ It makes me wonder what Harvard is teaching these days if people like him can come out of it.

    He appears to want to push all of this religious tripe onto people through conservapedia. Fortunately, most *truly* educated people know better than to believe things written on his website.


  6. Just because someone passed the entrance exams to attend a prestigious university doesn't mean his world view is copacetic with reality. (Look at the Unibomber—not only went to such an institution, but taught…)

    His take on the parable of the talents is funny in a bleak way—go back to the early days of colonial settlement and you find that the drive to cut down the forests and put the land under cultivation stemmed (as much as from anything else) from a misinterpretation of the Biblical command to "husband the earth" They took it to mean that it was a Christian's duty to develop the land, which is one reason they thought the natives were hellbound—they'd been here all that time and had *done nothing* to "improve" the land. This is not a new attitude; Schalfly just gave it a contemporary twist.

    Anyone know if he's related to Phyllis?

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