Fundamentalism, Fox, and … Scientology?

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scientologyI was recently chatting with a friend who has been a Scientologist for several decades. He was attacking the White House for its conspiracy with other networks to censor and muzzle Fox News. He later sent me this screed on the Campaign for Liberty blog under the Subject “Fox News is Right”. The CfL is one of the political arms of Scientology. Check out their mission and board if you want. The introduction to the post is (in part, go read it yourself):

Why is America under such a vicious and prolonged [internal] attack against its basic beliefs? Why are some Americans attacking the hand that feeds them? Why tear down a working system? None of the attacks make sense.  It is as though we are living in a looking glass world. I am looking backwards and it seems left is right and wrong is right and right is wrong. Politically correct speak replaced plain speak and the silent Christian majority are called domestic terrorists.

Okay, I paused at this point and replied (in part):

Lost me at “silent Christian majority”. An iconic building in every neighborhood, billboards every mile, ads every hour on radio and TV channels not already owned outright by Christian networks, and their creed printed on money and embedded in children’s daily oath to the flag does not fit my definition of “silent”.

I didn’t mention the wholesome Christian activities of blockading health clinics, continuous protests with gory signs on streets and campuses, bombing clinics and shooting doctors.

But the actual point of the article is that the KGB is alive and well and still trying to take over America via a conspiracy with the Psychiatric Industrial Complex. They have (the article claims) powerful mind control methods that are being used on the public.

If so, I asked in reply, how did we ever manage to get rid of CheneyBush?

Today, my friend sent me (among other Scientology political pieces) a YouTube video attacking Obama’s plan to sign the latest international emissions control treaty. It took a while of watching to figure this out, among the doomsayer speech of One World Government, global warming denialism, and the demise of America and such. Many of the positive comments to the video seem to be from garden variety End Days Christians, but the platform is quite visibly Scientology.

The point of all this is, Why are the Scientologists aligning with Fox and Christian Fundamentalists? For recruitment? For political palatability? To hijack a powerful propaganda machine?

Read and listen to what they actually say, and get back to me.


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  1. Rightardia says:

    Scientology is a right wing religion that is organized like the Armed Forces. L. Ron Hubbard was a big admirer on the Armed Services and uses similar indoctrination methods on new inductees.

    It is interesting that people would pay money to get military style indoctrination and training when they could simply enlist in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. After Serving a veteran also has VA benefits and you get paid while you are serving.

    Scientologists believe in the 'man on the white horse.' They believe a great leader is needed to show the way to Sino-enlightenment. They also think they have insights to business management, but most business schools could provide a better business education for far less money.

    One of Rightardia writers briefly worked for a Scientology corporation involved in technology. The management team was clueless.They were trying to support complex enterprise software products worldwide with eight technicians. It would have impossible task even for Hercules. The sad part of the story is they company actually had some good products.

    Most of the Sino-employees thought the best candidate in the 2008 election was Fred Thompson. What a laugher!

    I can only imagine what is was like in Scientology businesses after the election. I'm sure there weren't too many happy campers.

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    I got confused by the use of the prefix sino-, that means Chinese in every book that I've ever read.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Me too, Dan. I'm wondering whether "Rightardia" is attempting to coin the term "sino" to refer to Scientology, or whether the meaning is already established.

  3. Lisa Rokusek says:

    I've recruited people away from Scientology web based tech businesses. I was always equal parts frightened/impressed by the sophistication of their propaganda machine. It just may be second to porn in money-making (we'll never know, because everything Scientology does is locked down tight) but the recent late night TV commercials are slick and appealing.

    The message is one of self-actualization – freedom from fear/depression and help toward making a difference in life. The images are young, diverse and fresh.

    One night I looked up the website in order to see who was doing such high quality stuff amidst the usual trash and – there it was – carefully cloaked Scientology. Impressive.

    "A non-religious and unbiased moral code for the 21st century."

    Not sure all the right wingers will approve, but hey, if they can ride on the coattails part of the way it'll help. is another of the sites.

    Seems like they are trading in cures for 21st century malaise but with exceptional production values. I wouldn't underestimate their grasp of technology either.

    Strange bedfellows that don't make sense when examined by critical thinking seem to be the flavor of the day.

  4. Sino is a common term used in Florida for a Scientologist. One of the Sino-HQs is in Clearwater, FL.

    I have yet to met a Sino who was a progressive.

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