My Cat Died and I’m Feeling Old

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This morning my cat was stiff as cardboard. He’d died overnight. It was not much of a surprise, as he has refused to eat for 26 days. He basically died of AIDS, the feline variety (FIV). So I’ve been a bit distracted for about a month, and now the sword has fallen.

I posted a short photo essay of his short life here, if you are curious.

Then I read today’s XKCD:

XKCD is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5

XKCD is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5

So I’ve outlived several cats, and kids born after too many recent events that I experienced are old enough to bring them to mind. I’ve lived on the same block for as long as it took me to go from birth to two college degrees. I predate manned space flight and weather satellites. My first record player had both 16 and 78, as well as 33 and 45. I have changed tubes in my radio. 1984 still feels like it should be the future. I celebrated the American bicentennial. I still have a Vote McGovern button from just after my parents got their citizenships.

No real point, today.


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  1. seek says:

    I feel this, deeply. Granted, I'm a bit younger than the mentioned landmarks, but I'm right behind you. Remember my first email, etc.

    I'd moved several times by age 11, so I've always taken the strange position of appreciating my current situation by "viewing" it retrospectively. Pretrospective, heh. Heidegger said something about this. Thanks Dan, carpe blah blah blah.

  2. MountainHumanist says:

    I'm glad Maori lived a good life during his last few years. We have two orange cats (and, yes, two other cats) and we fail often to cherish every day with them. I'm going to give Pythagoras, Cozemel, Skittles and Butterscotch extra petting tonight in memory of Maori. Thanks for sharing

  3. Felix says:


    I happened to stumble by chance into your website and I saw your cat's pictures at your Facebook page. I have recently lost my beloved cat of many years to cancer. She refused to eat for the last week and when she collapsed I was able to take her to the vet immediately and end her suffering.

    I know exactly how you feel, cats are wonderful companions and they become part of our lives and full-fledged members of our family. I miss her everyday as I am sure you miss your beautiful ginger.

    I hope you can find consolation, as I did, in thinking that you gave your friend the best possible life he could have had.

    If you're interested in discussing cats and atheism, look me up in Facebook, we have a nice group of happy heathens there.

    Felix Catus

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