I’m behaving like someone who isn’t getting an answer to his question

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This is a wild ride, but a lot was put onto the table. Even Dylan Ratigan’s phrase “corporate communism. Look what happens when you put Dylan Ratigan, Betsy McCaughey and Anthony Weiner into the same room:

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  1. Gregory Bosch says:

    To be honest, he did not appear to be a fair moderator, even though I do agree with his point.

    Seemed like 2 against one to me. Ouch, poor woman.

    It also doesn't help when her general argument is weak.

  2. It would be nice to see journalists holding people to the topic like this more often. A lot of crap slips by because it goes unchallenged by the "moderator." Can you imagine if something like this had been done to Cheney a few years back?

    "You're not answering the question, sir!"

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