Conservatives: Obama is now coming after our children!

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President Obama is going to give the nation’s kids a pep talk to work hard in school. According to conservatives, this is a terrible thing.


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  1. Jay Fraz says:

    WOW! The president *TALKING* to children about the importance of education is bad. Seriously, WTF?

    I'm certain the speech will start something like this

    Obama : It is time for this country to face a fact, we are dangerously overpopulated. As such, we must sterilize all men and have mandatory abortions for all pregnant women. I know this may make some of you nervous, but just remember, if you have doubt, call this toll free number and someone will visit your home and explain the necessity of making America a better place.

    What do they EXPECT him to say that is so offensive to their values?

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    The local paper says "Area schools debate how to handle Obama speech".

    Apparently, conservatives are really up in arms because an early draft of the proposed address suggested that student write essays expressing what they can do for their country and its leader. Terrible! It must be a sign of the apocalypse. The White House apparently agreed, and removed the language that is still being protested.

    How dare Obama do what Reagan and G.H.W. Bush have done before? Pity the poor parents who want to protect their children from a government imposed message that education is important.

  3. Tony Coyle says:

    Dan – it's not even an early draft of the SPEECH that they are complaining about. It is merely a draft of one of the suggested learning opportunities that teachers could use in their learning plans to leverage the speech for civics, lit, analytics, and so on.

    The original draft (I've expanded the context) suggested that kids "think about ways in which they could help the president" achieve the goals he outlines in his speech – i.e. improved educational opportunities, improved scholastic performance, etc.

    Of course the right wing nutjobs are extremely adept at quote-mining.

    WTF is with our media that they allow such blatant insanity to stand unchallenged? In any civilised, rational, and moderately intelligent community such stupidity would be reported simply as 'silliness' not 'news'.

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