On hiring a musician to get your girl back

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Maybe the lesson is that you shouldn’t hire a prominent musician to get back your girl, even if you originally fell in love while listening to his music.  Maybe getting back your girl is one of those things that you just shouldn’t delegate.  Or maybe I’m saying too much . . .

Here’ the story in a nutshell, as heard on NPR’s This American Life with Ira Glass. It is titled Act Two. “Lonely Hearts Club Band . . . Of One.”

Musician David Berkeley has gotten a lot of requests in his life, but none quite like the offer his agent got last year. A fan wanted Berkeley to come to his house and help save his relationship by serenading the troubled couple with a personal concert. Ira Glass talks to Berkeley about why he took the gig, and what happened when he got there.

This strange and awkward concert occurred in the guy’s living room, with the woman sitting at the opposite end of the couch from the guy.  David Berkeley’s job was to serenade the struggling couple in an attempt to get them back together.   Berkeley shares his perspective of the events, along with some of his music.

If you want to hear the story yourself, here the site of Glass’s show, where you can download the entire show–the story is about 12 minutes long, starting at the 33 minute mark.


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  1. Erika Price says:

    I listen to This American Life every week, and enjoyed this extremely awkward story. Despite the strange mood of the event, both Berkley and the man who hired him maintain they would gladly attempt such a stunt again.

    I should also point out that a quick itunes search for "This American Life" will also lead to the podcast of this story, plus two other tales (updated weekly).

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