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It’s time that America passed a federal law which requires that any time former Vice President Dick Cheney is mentioned or featured in the broadcast media, that the attached “Darth Vader” theme clip from Lego Star Wars be played:

If Mr. Cheney actually speaks—which he no longer does because he prefers not to be questioned further about secret assassination squads which he apparently set up and then ordered the CIA not to disclose such actions to the Congress as mandated by federal law.

—federal law should require that in every such instance there also be an interpreter to interpret for the Penguin-speak impaired.

There should be no expiration date on this law. It has become even more necessary for this law to be in force since it was recently revealed that Mr. Cheney forcibly advocated the use of US military troops against US citizens on US soil, and was only overruled by W!

Mr. Cheney recently has abandoned his defense to a surrogate (his daughter!).

We likely won’t hear the “Darth Vader” theme or have an interpreter for the vast majority of Americans which don’t speak like Burgess Meredith with an FDR-style cigarette holder in our mouths while we snark, snark our way through life. Ms. Liz Cheney performs her role of defender for the former Vice President based upon her qualifications of being Mr. Cheney’s daughter and a Bush administration appointee in the State Department (which was ignored in the Bush era!), working apparently trying to start a war between the US and Iran.

You see, the music died. Over the last eight years we’ve had a government by executive fiat which had also held close its doings without public scrutiny or accountability. During that eight year period America became the land of the free—to torture, and the home of the brave—brave enough to hide behind tortured reasoning and secrecy.

Dick Cheney, as the Vice President (who picked himself after W asked Cheney to find a VP running mate!)

has been the black hole at the center of the galaxy of deceit in which the Bush administration has embroiled America for the last eight years. It’s time someone, like the Congress, gave Mr. Cheney his due! There oughta be a law!


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