Metaphysics at Borders

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It’s fun to see what passes as “metaphysics” at book stores. It ranges from handwriting analysis to communicating with the dead to astrology to reading tarot cards to all kinds of other cutting-edge new age stuff. But nothing sums it up like the covers to the following two books I saw tonight at a Borders in Chicago:




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Erich Vieth is an attorney focusing on consumer law litigation and appellate practice. He is also a working musician and a writer, having founded Dangerous Intersection in 2006. Erich lives in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives half-time with his two extraordinary daughters.

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  1. Alison says:

    I could write those books on a pamphlet. Maybe a business card. That's probably why I'm not making money writing those books. Heh.

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Both those books are excellent guide books for gleaning apparent information in pure noise (provably random patterns).

    If only one could sell a popular book on how to know when noise is just that.

  3. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Perhaps someone should write a book that will bring the basic precepts of the scientific method and truly critical thinking to the masses.

    A book in the popular style that entices the reader and engages them in ways that teaches without being boring, that enlightens them while not sounding too pretentious.

    Perhaps I, a man of low birth, can rise to the task at hand and pen such a tome in myine own hand!! A book that will change civilization! A book that will change the world!!



    (with apologies to Theodoric of York)

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