Nature video shows that turtles are full fledged animals

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I once saw this activity at the turtle exhibit at the local zoo, and it didn’t take a biologist to tell me that I was not misinterpreting what I was seeing. These turtles seem incredibly almost-human, even though they didn’t smoke cigarettes afterward. Captured here in living color close-up, I’m posting this video as an animals-in the-wild education video:

Watching this reminded me of watching David Attenborough “Trials of Life” series with my then four-year old daughter. One of these exquisitely filmed Attenborough videos, which was on the topic of animal reproduction, included more explicit animal sex videos than I could ever had imagined, including elephant sex. At first I wondered whether I should be letting the video keep running. While I was contemplating my options, my daughter looked up and asked, “Daddy, what are those elephants doing?” I found myself saying, “Those are elephants having sex.” I didn’t offer any further explanation and my daughter didn’t request one. We quietly watched the entire video and now, 7 years later, my daughter doesn’t seem to be emotionally damaged from having seen the episode.

Oh, and according to doctors polled by the U.K. Guardian, having sex before going to bed is the second-best way to have a good night’s sleep. The winning solution was for couples to sleep in separate beds.


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