Yea, Though He Walks Through the Shadow of Nooky

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I felt sympathy for Mark Sanford at first.  I did.  Gone are the days when journalists would respect a politician’s private life:  it must be awful to live in the D.C. fishbowl.  And, after all, he wasn’t just screwing around.  The guy fell in love.  We can all relate to that.

But Sanford lost me when he compared himself to King David.  I mean, c’mon.  King David?  (Does that sort of thing really work with “values voters”?  Do they think, Oh, yeah–Governor Sanford is just like King David, who was J.C.’s ancestor, sort of, and a great king and a really nifty songwriter,  so let’s let Sanford keep his job, at least until his son starts sleeping with his concubines–?)  Talk about hubris.

Anyhoo.  Chris Kelly blogs for the Huffington Post and writes for Bill Maher and is, IMHO, one of the funniest men in America.  Yesterday, on HuffPo, Kelly posted a piece about Sanford titled God is My Doorman, which highlights Governor Itchypant’s egomania and translates some of his Godspeak.



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  1. Danny says:

    I hadn't heard about the "King David" comment yet, bad form for him.

    Equally bad is the "trying to fall back in love with my wife."

    Can someone help me? I truly want to see the humanity in politics, but I cannot. The line between Mark Sanford genuinely trying to reconcile with his wife and genuinely trying to gain political credibility is blurred to me. I like to believe the best about people and take them at face value, but every politician that I've ever seen has ruined this for me.

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