Happy Father’s Day –

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– to all the men out there raising honest, compassionate, inquisitive children.

– to all the dads who aren’t afraid to show their children how much they love them, all the men who model participation and positive values, good health and a passion to learn.

– to the fathers who say no when they need to and who teach their children that mistakes are part of the journey; the dads who forgive, who tell stories and know how to laugh at themselves.

– to every man who makes sure his children know, without having to ask, that he will be there for them, in form or spirit, whenever he is needed, for the rest of their lives.

– and to the other fathers out there, somehow, may they learn how important their presence could be, and find a way to get there.


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I am a writer and communication professional in St. Louis, Missouri, a crafter of jewelry, a disorganized optimist and most importantly, the adoptive mom of two China-born daughters.

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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Mindy: Thanks for the beautiful greeting, which I will take as a reminder too.

  2. NIklaus Pfirsig says:

    I thank you also, Mindy.

    My younger son (12) decided to spend some of his money to buy a dvd of my choosing. I picked out one of the older movies that I liked and was sure he would like as well: "Robin Hood-Men in Tights"

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    If he had had a consistently present father in his life, would Barack Obama have developed the necessary character to have become the President of the United States? Melissa Harris-Lacewell doubts it:

    Had his father remained Barack would never have lived in Indonesia, his grandparents would have taken a less active role in his upbringing, he may even have grown up in his father's Kenya rather than in the United States where he made a home and political career. Had his father been present he might have had less adolescent angst, but then again that angst was part of what sent him into a world of books from which he emerged a formidable intellectual. Part of Barack Obama's greatness is his fatherlessness.


  4. Erich Vieth says:

    National Geographic has published descriptions of seven species of all-star dads (yes, the emperor penguin is one of them). All of them are inspiring stories. You'll see incredible devotion displayed by all these species of animals, none of whom have any system of rule-based morality and none of whom have any sacred scriptures. They take care of their young ones for the biggest reason that good human dads take care of their young ones: because it's deeply hard-wired in who we physically are.


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