The crack in the wall of AIPAC

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Just maybe, attitudes of Americans are changing regarding Israeli policy regarding the Palestinian people.  A debate has begun to surface in Congress, small but significant.   Consider this excerpt from this Truthout article byIra Chernus:

“The fact that there is any debate at all on this issue in Congress marks a sea change in Washington.”  . . .

“What the hell do they want from me?” Netanyahu reportedly complained after his talk with Obama. In the weeks and months ahead, we can expect a growing chorus in the US Congress to echo the changing views of American Jews and answer: We want you to heed the president’s call to stop settlement construction completely, comply with international law, and open the door to serious negotiations with the Palestinians toward a two-state solution.  Every time that answer is heard publicly, it widens the crack in AIPAC’s wall and brings us closer to the day when that wall, inevitably, crumbles.


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