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I often find Christopher Hitchens to be an insufferable ass, and often too abrasive and sure of himself to be enjoyable, but I really enjoyed this takedown.

Hitchens is invited by the host, Todd Friel, of a Christian Radio show to play a version of the Christian ‘What if?” game. This game tries to lead you inexorably from fanciful scenarios based on the presupposition that god exists, to the conclusion that since god exists you should, of course, accept jesus into your life!

Hitchens’ demonstrates the right way to engage with such dishonest tactics – simply play the game on your own terms.

Well done sir!

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  1. Ben says:

    Hitchens is brilliant, funny, (and correct) in this recent panel discussion with 5 notable Christian authors:


  2. Tony Coyle says:

    Yes, he is all of those things. I would never want to debate him on anything – he is too smart and tenacious!

    I did see that debate – and he was, indeed, brilliant!

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    Tony; I agree with you entirely about Hitchens generally and Hitchens in this instance. Quite nice take-down of the used-car-salesmanesque radio host.

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