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Photo of Noah's Ark Mural by Svadilfari on Flickr under Creative Commons

Photo of Noah's Ark Mural by Svadilfari on Flickr shared via Creative Commons License

I had an urge to think through some implications of a world-wide flood, such as the one Biblical Literalists claim happened a few thousand years ago.

Let’s suppose that it happened, that the entire world was inundated all at once to cover the highest mountain, and that all surviving land animals and short-range birdsĀ  were preserved in a single boat. What would the ecological landscape look like?

gray worldFirst, all land animals would only be found on a single connected land mass. There is no way that any crawling creature could have reached Australia or the Americas from the Middle East. Most especially tropical animals.

Secondly, we expect to see floral panspermia. That is, the waters would have carried every species of seed to every land mass all at once. Vanilla and cocoa and peppercorns should all be found growing in the same places throughout human history. Same for and chile peppers and coffee and potatoes. Wheat and maize should also be seen as combined staples of every ancient diet.

Or the opposite: The flood waters killed off all the seeds except what was carried on the ark. Therefore, only the plants found in the middle east could exist anywhere in the world.

Also, all modern animal species should be represented in every geological flood stratum. After all, a single massive drowning event doesn’t distinguish between creatures of comparable size like an allosaur and an elephant or a trilobite and a mouse. Surely there must be abundant examples of these combined fossils.

So it is easy to prove that such a flood actually happened. In fact, it must have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when Europeans first sailed to the Americas and found everything there to be just the same as back home.


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  1. Alison says:

    Love this, Dan! This argument actually works on many of the same principles as other biblical-science-type ones. You start off by assuming the bible is correct, then look for the proof that supports it! I've read tons of information that uses science to refute the flood, but this may be the first time I've seen it turned around this way. Kudos.

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