Where the non-believers tend to live

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Where do American non-believers live?  On the West Coast, of course.  Based on new data, however, even greater percentages of them live in New England.  Here’s the interactive American map.   Here’s an excerpt from the article by the LAT:

Since 1990, the percentage of Americans claiming no religion has nearly doubled, growing to 15% last year. That was the overall conclusion. But tucked inside the report are figures offering portraits of various regions.

Nonbelievers, skeptics and the unaffiliated are clustered in New England and along the Pacific, even as all 48 states surveyed have become less religious, the American Religious Identification Survey found.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    In an article entitled "Americans are Losing their Religion," I learned this:

    In raw numbers, there are actually about 22 million "more" Christians now than in 1990. Still, the trend is clear, particularly as illustrated in one telling statistic: In 1990, 8.2 percent (about 14 million) of us said "none" when asked to specify their religion. Last year, 15 percent (34 million) did.


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