A 24-hour news network lineup I’d like to see

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6:00 AM The Overnight News The morning show. Discusses significant events that happened in America the night before, as well as important stories that developed during the day in other time zones around the world.
9:00 AM Science Today Expert analysis of some of this week’s more significant peer-reviewed publications.
11:00 AM Fads and Fallacies Debunking superstition and pseudoscience at home and around the world
1:00 PM Fact Check Who got it wrong and what they said
2:00 PM International Spotlight News from foreign countries
3:00 PM The Third Estate Stories being discussed in national newspapers
3:30 PM Conventional Wisdom Watch Current media themes and narratives, and whether they’re supported by facts
4:00 PM America on the Issues What the public really thinks, backed up by verifiable polling data
4:30 PM Internet Talkback Stories being discussed on the major political blogs
5:00 PM On the Record In in-depth, one-on-one interviews, candidates for office, elected officials, and other public figures are asked to clearly state their positions on a variety of issues. The interviewee will be seated in front of, but cannot view, a large screen which displays the text of past statements they have made on those same issues.
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Monday) News You Might Have Missed Stories released by the government on Fridays or weekends.
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Tues-Fri) Continuing Stories Weekly updates on ongoing issues – Darfur, New Orleans, global warming, etc.
7:00 PM This Week in Washington Pending legislation, court cases analyzed by experts – people who have an empirically verifiable record of accurate statements. Professional pundits chosen for their ability to shout or to efficiently recite talking points are disallowed.
8:00 PM Informed Debate Strictly moderated. Candidates who don’t address the question will be cut off.
9:00 PM Worthy Causes Coverage of humanitarian issues around the world and the charities that are most effectively working to address them.
9:30 PM National Podium A political candidate or other important public figure gets one hour to speak, uninterrupted, on an issue that concerns them. No one should ever appear on this show more than once.
10:30 PM The Editorial Desk Statements of opinion from network personalities and other major public figures
11:30 PM Sports, entertainment, celebrity coverage
12:00 AM Light music

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I'm an author, skeptic and computer programmer living in New York City. I'm also an unapologetic atheist, and believe passionately that freethinkers deserve a much stronger voice in our culture than they've been given in the past. Since politicians and the mainstream media aren't willing to give us that, it falls to us to take our case directly to the public. Both on my own weblog, Daylight Atheism, and here on Dangerous Intersection, I hope to be able to spread the good news of freethought!

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  1. Stupendous. Something like this might actually motivate me to get a TV.

  2. velkyn says:

    "8:00 PM Informed Debate Strictly moderated. Candidates who don’t address the question will be cut off."

    I'd prefer shot in the knee but cut off sounds good. Now if I could just win that lottery and start something like this…..

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    Ebon: I do like your list. Here's a few more potentially worthy shows, but I don't know whether they will crack your line-up:

    – 30 minute show every day to report on one of the Top Censored stories listed by Project Censored.

    – One-hour every day to carry DemocracyNOW, hosted by Amy Goodman.

    – One hour show once per week about the importance of turning off the television in order to read, spend quality time with friends and family, and do real work to make the world a better place. This show would warn viewers of the hypnotic effect of TV and the dangers of exposing one's self and one's children to ubiquitous commercials. Some material provided by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. (and see also these video interviews by Josh Golin)

    One hour per day on media reform issues. For instance, net neutrality, diversification of media voices, the danger of consolidating ownership in media and the dangers of the incestuous relationship between government and media. Special topics could include "War Made Easy" and reports by Free Press (see, for example, the topics raised by Free Press founders Robert McChesney and John Nichols)

    – Special weather reports. To the extent it is reported at all, weather reports will not exceed 10 seconds. They will consist of a five-day weather chart, plus warnings about emergency weather conditions. No 5-minute meandering reports with glitzy graphics will be allowed.

  4. steve says:

    How about; "Breaking the Breaking News."

    A 30 min stint which examines very recent stories carried by TV news programs and newspapers which have clearly misrepresented the facts of an incident/case/event; like the recent one of the wheelchair-bound man who was bitten by a spider and then miraculously walked again.

  5. Staceyjw says:

    When you see it laid out this way, it really illustrates all that is wrong with today's TV. Also seems obvious whats lacking, and what is needed.

    I would love this channel- it could counteract the dangerous drivel that's on Fox.

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