Another Near Miss

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asteroidIn case you missed it, asteroid 2009 DD45 passed the Earth today at a distance of about 1/7th of the way to the moon. It was noticed about 3 days ago, and apparently has an orbit that will bring it close to home every so often. See here.

It is relatively tiny, about 30 meters across. Therefore, when it hits it’ll only make a hole a few miles across. Maybe the size of Manhattan or the Greater Chicago area. Yes, when. It’ll probably hit in the ocean, in which case only seaside towns will be destroyed, like Miami, D.C, or Los Angeles.

But this is only one of thousands that have been discovered so far. No need to worry. When the sky does fall, we’ll find out eventually. With a bit of pork barrel spending, we might be able to predict and prevent such things. But it might cost as much as the current bailing out of mismanaged banks.

But I’ve discussed the end of the world before.



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