Scandanavia’s non-believers

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scandanaviaThe NYT just published an article (“Scandanavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists”) describing new research examining religious attitudes in Sweden and Denmark.   Most of the people interviewed had been baptized and don’t consider themselves to be “atheists.”   On the other hand, they aren’t religious–they’ve simply moved on from religion:

[Researcher Phil] Zuckerman found what he terms “benign indifference” and even “utter obliviousness.” The key word in his description of their benign indifference is “nice.” Religion, in their view, is “nice.” Jesus “was a nice man who taught some nice things.” The Bible “is full of nice stories and good morals, isn’t it?”

Beyond niceness came utter obliviousness . . .  “In Denmark,” a pastor told Mr. Zuckerman, “the word ‘God’ is one of the most embarrassing words you can say. You would rather go naked through the city than talk about God.”

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